On December 11, 2019, Toronto City Council’s Executive Committee will consider a report from City staff on the Parkdale Hub project. This report provides an overview of the findings from the Feasibility Study that has been underway since 2017. It also recommends next steps for moving the project forward. The report will be available to review online on the City’s website the week prior to the Executive Committee meeting date.


Community Meeting

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Monday, June 10th for our community meeting! Here are links to the material that was presented at the meeting, for your reference:


Parkdale Community Hub

This cluster of public facilities, each of which requires state of good repair work and/or improvements, provides a unique opportunity to plan and build the City’s assets in a coordinated manner, taking advantage of existing adjacencies to create spaces that more efficiently and effectively serve the Parkdale community.

On March 28, 2017, City Council requested City Staff to convene an Inter-Divisional Agency Table to determine the feasibility of a coordinated City plan for City-owned properties located at 1313, 1303 Queen Street West and 220 Cowan Avenue. In-addition to these three properties, additional City-owned lands are located within the Queen Street West and Cowan Avenue blocks which complete the Parkdale Community Hub Study Area.

The Parkdale Community Hub Study Area includes approximately 4.24 acres of City-owned lands and comprises the following properties;

  • Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre and Masaryk Park (220 Cowan Avenue)
  • Parkdale Library (1303 Queen Street West)
  • Parkdale Arts and Culture Centre (1313 Queen Street West)
  • Public Laneway at rear of Library
  • Toronto Parking Authority lot (1325 Queen Street West)
  • Toronto Community Housing residential apartment building (245 Dunn Avenue)

From January to June 2018, CreateTO in collaboration with the City of Toronto Real Estate Services division held several preliminary stakeholder and community meetings to learn what Parkdale residents, community organizations and local City agencies would like to see included in a future community hub. The Summary report from these meetings can be found in the reference material below.

This project is still in very early stages and there will be more opportunities for community feedback and participation in the near future. Stay tuned!

Reference Materials

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